Lately, I’ve been trying to find music that really deviates from the norm in terms of style and overall approach. Luckily I stumbled upon this guy, who has seemingly flown under the radar for a while now. Koushik, who is on the Stones Throw Label, can be pretty tough to stick in one particular category. According to Stones Throw, “what sets Koushik apart from the others is a beautiful ’60s psych-pop element that tends to pervade throughout. It shows itself in the spacious panned strings, acoustic guitars, and harpsichords that fall in and out of each other; and the beats have a harder regimented classic true school hip-hop sound.” If any of that last statement sounds even the least bit interesting, then you’ll definitely enjoy his last album “Be With”, which was released back in 2005. Definitely one to look out for.

More to come…Get at me!



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