Vampire Weekend.


Ok. I know I’m late. I also imagine this write-up is somewhat unexpected. “Really? Vampire Weekend? On Vinyl Meltdown?” Yes it’s true. My reviews generally cover hip-hop or dance or some variation/deviation/combination(/something else ‘ation’) of the 2. It’s not often that I stray off into the world of indie rock. But that just means when I do, to really pay attention. Cause it’s something really special.

Special is probably the perfect word to sum up the musical stylings of Vampire Weekend. The  4 man group is known for their higher education (Columbia University) and Afrikan inspired drum section. Their music is really fun to listen to and really unique. Their guitar tones are very different than anyone else, and the drums really set them apart. I will say I had this album, and I slept on it for a while. But once I had my first listen (about a week and a half ago) I listened to the album all the way through 5 times after my initial listening. It is that good. Check out the major single, A-Punk:

Definitely pick this album up. It is really great.

the judge


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