Vinyl Meltdown Productions is an independently run record label, based in the up and coming musical scene of Washington DC. While specialized in Hip Hop and Electronica, the collective spans many diverse musical genres, and even touches Indie Rock, and Bluegrass. And the label continues to grow and grow. Aside from the usual fare of artist profiles and such, this site also functions as a blog, giving you the latest news and reviews of music, art, clothing, street dancing, and whatever is good within, or touching upon the urban music culture. Because at Vinyl Meltdown, its not just about what we make, its about what we like. Its about spreading the culture. Because music is not about just one artist, or one collective, it is a culture, and as a part of that culture it is our duty to spread the word. So enjoy the site, and hopefully help support it, and the people behind it.

Contact Us:

phone (202) 441-4576

e-mail admin@vinylmeltdown.com

 or just drop us a comment on any of the pages


One Response to About

  1. Cara says:

    Hey, Judge Mental! How’s St. Louie treating you? When do you have time to go to school? Your mom put me on to your site and I have to say, the beard is awesome, along with your Obama cheerleading section…. no, it’s fine, really. 😉 I’m not hip enough to understand half of what you write about (musically speaking) but more power to you! Bring some stuff next time you come to visit Ioway and we’ll have a listen together. If you care to. Love the gangsta VM sign, by the way, although I thought for a minute it might mean “Very Mental.” All my love, your weird Auntie Cara in Des Moines.

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