So… we love you guys. You guys make the site run. And now, you can audition to be a part of the family. We always have our ears open for musicians, any genre. So get grinding on your mic, your keys, your guitar, those ones and twos, pull out fruity loops, or pro-tools, warm up those vocal chords. Show us what you can do! Send us anything, lyrics, mp3s, youtube videos, myspace links, soundclick pages, WHATEVER YOU CAN THINK OF!

Music is not the only option. We love artwork, fashion, dancing, good writing. Pretty much anything creative. Basically, if you have talents, show us! You don’t even have to be that good. We’ll look at anything you send, and if its not for us, you’ll at least have gotten some feedback from the family.

And if your not creative, but know about any of the aforementioned things, write a little piece like the ones on the front page, send it in, and chances are we’ll publish it. Probably will get you a spot in the family too.

Like I said, we love you guys, so show us some love too, show us what you can do! 


3 Responses to Auditions

  1. Judge Mental says:

    You can also leave us something here!

  2. Judge Mental says:

    and sorry to the folks who got 3 facebook messages

  3. roy laidlow says:

    hi i am enquiring as to whether you are lookin for any uk based hiphop/drum n bass djs/producers,i have around 10 years experience behind the decks and attended one of britains leading music colleges gaining a certificate in music production and djskills.
    I have a cv if needed and i look forward to hearing from you soon.

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