Yo Gabba Gabba!

December 19, 2007

Yo Gabba Gabba!
I have been debating whether or not to post this, but decided to go ahead and do so. Why have I been hesitent? Because Yo Gabba Gabba! (as you might be able to infer from the name) is a kids show, targeted at very young audiences. Why did I go ahead and post this? Because the show kicks ass.

Before you decide its not, take a look at these clips. Keep in mind that it is a kids show, but also keep in mind that this site is centered around music.

The music is insane. And if that wasn’t enough, the guest spots on this show are ridiculous. Imagine a regular segment where Biz Markie teaches the little kids to beatbox. Imagine no longer:

And then on top of that, there are numerous guest appearances in the show. I’ve seen Tony Hawk, Rahzel, Elijah Wood, The Aggrolites, and numerous others. The show is so good. Kids are gonna be so much cooler in the years to come.


Afro Samurai

June 11, 2007


So, a lot of you may already know about this, a lot of you might not. But I know I have spent a lot of time telling people about the wonderous joy that is Afro Samurai, and I figured this could serve as a good medium to pass it on to the world. So, without further ado, my review. Afro Samurai is an anime (I know, I know, but keep reading) featuring Samuel Jackson (see i told you) as the titular character, as well as his companion Ninja Ninja, on their quest to find Justice (Ron Perlman) in order to obtain the Number One head band, and to avenge his father’s death. Its a bit of a crazy story, but its really cool, with lots of developments and twists along the way. Not to mention, some of the other aspects: its brought to you by Funimation (Dragon Ball Z), and features an Original Soundtrack by The RZA. That’s right, the RZA, and the soundtrack is a great listen, even on its own.

I will warn, the show is quite violent, and explicit, so if you are easily offended this is not for you. However, both of those factors were a plus in my book, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. And if you are of like mind with me, you probably will too. Overall, I rate the show about a 9.5 out of 10 with my primary complaint being that it is only 5 episodes long. I haven’t yet delved into all the special features on the DVD, but have enjoyed the director’s cut, and uncensored version. Great pickup if you can, I highly reccommend it.

Afro Samurai (DVD) (OST)