Knock ’em out the box Aes

September 11, 2007


So… it’s been a little while. And I got all kinds of stuff to throw at you, but  I’ll take it easy at first. First off, Wonda’s release is being delayed… but to quench your thirst for new music, we are adding a new member to the family! Please, put your hands together for Rune Productions! This man is super-fresh with his beats, please believe me. And if you just wanna let the music speak for itself, by all means, check this dude out as you anticipate the fresh new artist page. (MyspaceSoundClick) His mixtape, Rather Dashing, will be available shortly for free download.

None Shall Pass

In addition to this wonderful news, I am finally home! This means more regular updates! To celebrate my homecoming (No Chris Martin) I went to the Aesop Rock show at my favourite venue, the 930 club. Here is my review of the show, part of the “None Shall Pass Tour.”

Pretty awesome show…

Opening up first was Blockhead and DJ Precyse… they were kind of rediculous. They had this cool thing with a projector doing this random images in the background, it almost reminded me of the video in the ring, except more fresher. They were making beats on the fly and scratching on top, it was really really dope… they even flipped the whisper song, and made it so hype and so dope, everyone in the crowd went crazy. That was probably the best part of the entire concert.

Next came Yak Ballz, who was great. I never listened to any of his music before, but I bought a mixtape at the show cause I liked him so much. He was really, really good.

Then was Cage… he seemed kind of meh, to me, but a lot of people were die-hard fans. Maybe there’s something I was missing.

Finally, came the big man himself, Aesop. His set was good. Not excellent, but good. mix in the crazy visuals he had in the back that mirrored the show, and you have yourself a very good show. He pretty much did off the new album, but did like one or two old joints. His DJ is so good, and he tore the tables up when they let him. I have to say, his new album is pretty good, not excellent, but his single, “None Shall Pass” is fricken resickulous!




OK! Now… it’s time to GRADUATE!!


KanYe’s album… for those of you who were patient enough to ignore the advances, is so nice. The sound is really different, but its fresh and I love it. He retains his chipmunk sounding soul samples, but he subdues them a bit, in favour of synths, and unorthodox snare sounds. Every track on this album (with 1 very notable, and one debatable exception) is hot. Yeah, you can just go ahead and skip Drunk and Hot Girls, its not really worth it… at all. I personally advise skipping the end of Barry Bonds when Lil’ Wayne decides to show up, but hey, its up to you. The other guest spots make for the illest tracks on the album. Good Life, with T-Pain, is surprisingly my favourite song on the album. I have been bumping it like crazy, and throwing my hands up in the skyyy! Everything I Am, and the amazing scratch power of DJ Premier is great, and Chris Martin’s Home update a la Homecoming is spectacular. All in all, definitely cop this album and give “CUUURRTTIISS” what he deserves. Not to mention all the amazing artwork courtesy of Takashi Murakami.



September 1, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts… I’ve been in Canada. And being here makes me a bit homesick. So I think I’m gonna have to make a new post to represent DC hip hop (pumps fist in the air). I don’t think I have even made a post about DC hip hop before, which is a shame cause we have quite a nice little scene. Most notably, the Low Budget Crew. I will make posts about the rest of the crew later, but right now, I gotta give some mad props to my main man Kev Brown. He first really appeared on the scene after contributing one track’s worth of production for De La Soul’s AOI: Bionix, as well as DJ Jazzy Jeff’s The Magnificent.

What I want to post about though is his project that followed next. The Brown Album. You have certainly all heard of Danger Mouse’s legendary Grey Album, but what most people don’t know is that Kev Brown was the first Black Album remixer, starting a trend that was continued by 100s of DJs and Producers to follow. The Brown Album was extremely limited release. It took me quite sometime to get my hands on it, but it was well worth it. The album is one of the best remix albums I have ever heard. Kev Brown is very effective at changing the mood of the track, into something more mellow and relaxed. Even on “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” Brown manages to chill things out, keeping his mellow production style in tact. The album was recently re-pressed and can be purchased here.

Kev Brown has often been compared to Pete Rock in terms of his style, and I feel that this comparison is well deserved. His solo album, I Do What I Do(CDVinyl), was phenomenal. It makes me proud to be a DC native (unlike a lot of other shit that goes on there).  He’s working on a new album called Random Joints, which promises to be equally as good.

Here are a couple of videos, one of him working in the studio, and one of a joint off his upcoming album.

Kev Brown in the studio

The Versatility Joint

 Keep your eyes peeled for this dude (and any other of my DC homeboys). He is ridiculously talented. Keep an eye on his blog for updates on what he’s doing.

Kev Brown’s Blog 

The Wonda Years

August 17, 2007

It has been confirmed that kanyetalk user/music extraordinaire Wonda (formely known as Thee African Wonda) will be releasing his highly anticipated (haha yea right) Debut Album exclusiviely via the Getting Out Your Dreams board on

We got a chance to sit down with Wonda himself and ask him some questions (it wasn’t like he had shyt else to do anyways), When asked why he chose kanYeTalk as the launching pad for his first project this is what he had to say…
“Well, I get a lot a love from everybody at kanYeTalk, ya know, it feels like home to me. It was the first place I released any of my songs, and the first place that gave me REAL feedback, hate it or love it, they gave me the truth and I respect all of them for that so what better way to thank than to hit them with this.”

But an even bigger surprise is the chosen date: SEPTEMBER 11th (yes you read right). It looks like lil’ old Wonda is trynna go up against the powerhouses of this industry Kanye West and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. When asked why he chose such a crowded/conflicted date to make his debut this is what he had to say…
“First off, f*** 50, second off, it gonna be a big day for Hip-Hop and I wanna be apart of it. Besides I feel like I will out sell both 50 and Kanye West. And if I don’t then I will retire after this album (*crosses his fingers*)”. I’ve already got one pre-order from my Mom and maybe one more coming from my Grandpa. That’s already 2 MAN!!!!

Well it will be kind of hard to outsell anybody when you’re giving away an album for free…but will let him keep on dreamin’

Wonda declined to comment on any other information regarding his album saying he wanted it to be a surprise like his influence Kanye. All said was…
“The album is going to be called –The Wonda Years– IT’S GON’ BE HUGE. Tune in daily for updated info regarding my album…let the countdown begin!”

Sourse: (no source, this was a self-interview)

I know I was talking about not relating EVERYTHING to KanYe, but its getting hard. I’m pumped for his album (even though the Barry Bonds track left me wanting), and I’ve been spending a little too much time on the boards over at But yeah, Wonda is tight.

After talking with Wonda, he has agreed to release the album on Vinyl Meltdown, which is good news for us. Keep your eyes and ears open for this dude, he’s got crazy talent.

Wonda on the Web

-the judge



June 5, 2007

Hey fams… sorry about all the shuffling back and forth and all that, its been hell over here trying to redesign the site, and there are definitely still kinks to be worked out, but I think this is close to being finalized, so your patience is greatly appreciated. Anyways, in order to get the site fully functional and up to standards, we will be offering a mystery reward to the first 10 people to point out design flaws, or to come up with helpful suggestions. Please, do not be afraid to make a comment, no matter how big or small, and you will be handsomely rewarded. To make such a report hit us up here.

-the judge

Strange Fruit Project

May 29, 2007

The other night, I was graced with the opportunity to go see the Strange Fruit Project. For those of y’all who don’t know them, you are missing out. The group, based out of Waco Texas, is comprised of 3 members, Myth, Myone (pronounced My Own) and in house producer and raps man Symbolic One (or S-1). The group has a real soulful vibe, and several times throughout the show Myth stopped everything and told the audience they were going to chill it out for a minute, give us something soulful, and they always did. Their most recent LP, The Healing, features guest spots by some of todays most soulful artists and producers, including Erykah Badu, 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Jake One, and Illmind. The LP is great, and definately worth checking out. Also of note, is their Lost Documents Vol. 1, released only a few weeks ago, and featuring some produ by Black Milk and Illmind, as well as guest spots by more up and coming artists. Definitely worth checking out, these guys are on for bigger and better things. S-1 was even recently signed by Eykah Badu to do some work, so keep your eyes out for that. Anyways, peep these guys, and get ready for the updates about the other performers at the show.
-the judge

Strange Fruit Project on the Web

KanYe got stacks, y’all already knew that

May 29, 2007

Everybody knows Kanye. He’s kind of a big deal. And he deserves it, as a producer, he has been holding it down since 96, and of course everybody knows about his massive solo albums. Kanye is the dude. And he’s staying on top of his game, as he approaches his new album Graduation. The album is said to be set in the future, and from what I have heard so far, it definitely has a futuristic vibe to it. The first track to be leaked, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, featured DJ Toomp, the man behind TI’s banger “What you know?”, as co-producer. It has some crazy swirling synths and a totally different flow from Kanye. Next up, Kanye’s newest release would be the “Stronger” snippet, and from what I have heard it is nice. Featuring a sample of Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” and continuing Kanye’s futuristic sound. Its really a nice beat, and the lyrics that can be heard are real nice. “How can I acquire these songs” you ask? Its simple, Kanye and Plain Pat released the official bootleg, the Can’t Tell Me Nothing Mixtape. It features some songs from upcoming GOOD Music artists as well as the two new KanYe joints. Its a nice mix, good peek into the future, check it out here.

Warm & Scratchy

May 26, 2007

New mixtape from [adult swim]. I love these guys… not only do they make funny cartoons, they have great taste in music. And practical joking (the whole boston “bomb scare” still makes me laugh). But yeah, check it out, and DL the mix, its a good one.