Artist Spotlight: Takashi Murakami

August 11, 2007


Murakami Louis Vuitton

In the Strange Forest


Reverse Double Helix

It’s been a long while since I did an artist spotlight, and with the release of the album art for Graduation, I decided today would be a good day to revive that lost tradition with Takashi Murakami. For those of you who know nothing about him, he is a Japanese artist who creates everything from phone caddies, to vinyl toys, to thirty foot tall sculptures, and even created an art movement with his “Superflat” paintings. His artwork often critiques modern Japanese culture, and serves as a voice for the Otaku, those ‘overly obsessed’ with anime and manga. Basically, he sees himself as being a voice for the ‘nerds.’ His artwork is colorful, fun and cute. It skirts the line between pop culture, and high art. And he has made something of himself doing so. As previously mentioned, he has been comissioned by KanYe West to design all the artwork for his upcoming album, Graduation. He is also the one responsible for the color Louis Vuitton pattern that is so fashionable these days. The man is quite the artist, definitely check out his work, especially if you are at all into anime or manga.

Takashi Murakami on the web