Vinyl Meltdown Exclusives:

The Thought Police- My Telescope

Remot – Beat Street (Updated)

Rune Productions – Rather Dashing (NEW!)

Judge Mental presents Mental Mixes:

Volume 4 – Eclectic Kingdom

Volume 5 – InstruMENTALS: first installment

Volume 6 – Southernplayalisticunderground

Vulume 7 – D.A.N.C.E. miXXX

In[di]visible presents Hazardous Mixes:

Straight From the Ministry – Volume 1

This is Hip-Hop – Volume 1

This Is Hip-Hop – Volume 2

This Is Hip Hop – Volume 3

Wyatt Erp’s Soul Food Mix:

Volume 1: pt.1 pt.2 pt.3

Recommended Listening (free albums)

Assorted Donuts – J-Dilla Tribute

Free Speech – Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth!

DangerDOOM – Occult Hymn

Stones Throw Presents: Chrome Children 2

Black Milk – Pressure Mix

Justus League – Justus for all

Serengeti – Race Trading

Serengeti – Thunder Valley

KanYe West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (mixtape)

[Adult Swim] – Warm and Scratchy


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    Leave some feedback if you want, especially report missing links… we’re always happy to fix it

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